(Permission Rising Pictures LLC Lawreen Yakkel)

“Dead Man Rising” appeared in a screening at the Washington Pavilion August 31. The movie’s producer is Lawreen Kayl Yakkel who lived in Redfield and Clear Lake, SD. After graduation from Southern Illinois-Carbondale, she heard California calling. Since, she has been a movie producer. She is a Los Angeles movie producer, but why did she bring a faith-based movie to be screened in her home state of South Dakota? I sat down with Lawreen to get the story of the uphill battle of talking about God on a set in LA.

Dead Man Rising Lawreen Yakkel Producer


(Life 96.5 Program Director Lauren Banik with Producer Lawreen Kayl Yakkel)


The movie has some names in the cast including Corbin Bernsen, known for “LA Law”, “Major League” and others.


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