Life 96.5 Nice Family Game Night Giveaway!

Together is better!

Life 96.5 and Sioux Falls Ford Lincoln and Luxury Auto Mall of Sioux Falls believe in the power of strong family relationships. Those lasting connections are made when we spend time together. And mom and dad, when you’re intentional and set aside time with your kids, you are building into a legacy that will last a lifetime!

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This winter Life 96.5 wants to encourage you to start a regular Family Game Night. A device and screen free time focused on low-tech and highly interactive fun! Dads, moms, kids, grandparents, extended family, and pets—spending quality time together. What would that look like? For your family, maybe it’s:

  • Playing games
  • Eating food and snacks
  • Watching a movie
  • Listening to music
  • Just kicking back with cuddle time on the couch with blankets and hot chocolate

What might that do for your family?

  • Enhance or improve communication
  • Strengthen family relationship bonds
  • Provide a foundation of acceptance and security
  • Encourage lots of fun and laughter!

When you enter the Life 96.5 Nice Family Game Night Giveaway, you have a chance to be one of 12 winners of a Family Game Night tote overflowing with awesome games, food, music, gift cards and even blankets and hot cocoa! Life 96.5 will announce one winner each week for twelve weeks, Fridays beginning January 13th  and ending March 31st. To enter, simply complete and submit the form below, and then listen each Friday morning for the winning entry to be announced on Life 96.5!


#1 Iverson family – Brewster, MN


#2 Kroese family, Sioux Center, IA

Kroese 1

#3 Maxwell family, Dell Rapids

peggy maxwell









#4 Mann family, SF

Mann 1

 #5 Bastian family, Brandon


#6 Oliver family, Canton


Jackie Oliver and family 1

#7 Rachelle Doell, SF

 Contest Rules

Family Game Night Giveaway

Complete the form below and submit.

58 Responses to "Life 96.5 Nice Family Game Night Giveaway!"

  • Gerri says:

    I think husband’s should count as kids in your game night drawing! Mine’s a big kid and I love him for it. We HAVE to have game night with our adult daughter and her roommate, his mom and whoever else is lucky? enough to be invited at least once a month. We have some wild game nights with food, giggling, embarrassing of the parents and the kids, AND the grandma, ANNNNND the friends who get invited. God is present in our house, and I’m sure there are times when He’s just shaking His and chuckling.

    1. Laura Knight says:

      I would love this for my daughter and family. I have 3 grandchildren aging from 16,10 and 7. Which we would include her husband any my husband for a fun night away from electronics.

  • Paulette Rann says:

    We have found game night to be a great way to reconnect with family and enjoy our time together. It is bringing my family back together after my sister passed away.

  • shannon wynia says:

    i was registering for game night tote and it kicked me out before i finished.
    James 17
    Taylor 16
    Faith 9
    Grace 9
    not sure if there were more questions then that to answer . sorry shannon

    1. lbanik says:

      No worries! Made sure all your info was in, you’re good to go!! :)

    2. Lois Wollman says:

      I also got kicked out before I was finished…2 kids: Bethany 19, Andrea, 16

  • Bruce says:

    Always had game night with the kids when they were younger. This continued when they went off to college. They would bring home friends and roommates for games…and of course food. My wife always enjoyed cooking for the invaders and spending time with them. She just wished she knew from week to week how many she would be cooking for. Now the four grandchildren love playing games at our home….especially if they win.

  • Pamela Vlieger says:

    Good morning God’s People :-) I too was kicked out before I could register all eight of us. Living on the farm, we play many games, especially when the lights go out and we gather around the lantern to play however many games it takes before bedtime. We are passing this tradition on to our grandchildren who enjoy playing games as much as we still do :-) As attested by this grandma who played about 150 games of Hungry Hungry Hippos last weekend!! Thank you for this :-) Howard – 55, Pam – 55, Sarah – 35, David – 33, Alison – 32, Rachael – 26, Madison-4, Hunter – 2

    1. lbanik says:

      Hi Pamela!! I checked on your sign-up and you are good to go!! Blessings and I love that you continue to pass on the tradition :)

  • Jeri says:

    We have 26 grandchildren and 9 adult children plus spouses that LOVE to play games. We frequently have grandchildren and children over (especially on Sundays) They bring games with them to play as we as grandparents do not have a big variety or newer games to play.

  • Jim Cosman says:

    I was kicked out before finishing kids name and ages.
    Katei age 21
    Kerry age 16
    Kenny age 13

  • Melinda Roth says:

    Our family would really enjoy this!!! Both my husband and our 10yr. old told me to register for this!!!

  • Carmen says:

    Family game night–what a great give away idea!
    Let’s face it, winter can get long in South Dakota. Family game nights are how we survive this season :) It’s such a great way to connect with each other, our kids and our friends. I love using games to connect with the students I work with at my job but also the youth where I mentor. Thank you Sioux Falls Ford and Luxury Auto Mall for partnering with Life 96.5 to make this happen for 12 lucky people :)

  • Jane says:

    Family games are a favorite past-time. We have a few family members that are avid game players and are very competitive. Others, not so much but new games and food will bring everyone to the table! Thanks for sponsoring this great idea!!

  • Kelly Loween says:

    My husband and I have decided to establish a new weekly Game Night with our family and friends. This will be a great way to get started! We love 96.5- it’s the only radio station that we listen to EVERYDAY! Love you guys!

  • Carol Edblom says:

    We love playing games with our grown children and young grandchildren. Sometimes there are multiple games going on at once. The best times are when all can be included in the same game!

  • Stephanie says:

    If your name is drawn, but you don’t hear it on the radio (there are times in my Friday schedule that don’t allow a radio), is that a problem? Do you have to call in to claim it?

    1. lbanik says:

      No worries Steph! We will give you a call :) if you are the winner!

  • Jacinda Zoet says:

    Our family has been trying to spend more time together playing games, so this is a great idea to encourage more family time.

    I see I had the same problem that a few other people did. I was in the middle of listing my children and I must have hit a wrong key and couldn’t finish. Here are my children and ages:
    If there was any other information that I needed to enter, please let me know. I apologize about my mistake!


    We play games all the time with our adult children. From Upwords (which I am terrible at) to Phase 10 we play whenever we can. When they were younger, we made a point of having a family game night. Even when we are camping, we love to have fun being together!

  • We absolutely love 96.5 it has helped us a lot but we think with a night it would even be better two and a half years ago we lost one of our children due to blood clots to the heart so our kids is ages are:
    Johnny 19
    Adrianna 17
    Wyatt 12
    Cole 10 (lost his twin)
    Ella 6
    Zoey 4.
    After the loss of her son we have really not had any time just to reunite with each other we’ve just been so busy but everything else has been kind of on hold

  • Jodie says:

    We play games often with our kids. We do not watch public TV so we spend time with them having family bible time, movie nights and playing games, especially in the winter time. Thanks for your commitment in keeping families together!

  • Tiffany says:

    Played board games with my daughter a few nights ago. We giggled so much, we had tears rolling down our face. It was so nice to spend time together without a screen in our faces

  • Ellen Abbas says:

    Such a great idea. We love to play games with daughter and her friends when they come on the weekends!

  • Ronda says:

    Playing games with the grands and with our adult children has helped our family come together again after some challenging years….
    God is good, faithful, always sustaining. Praising Him for His growth!

  • What a great idea Life96.5!!!!!! Families that play together stay together! We LOVE playing games together as a family and with our neighbors!!

  • We have a friends get together every month, 10 total we are the older generation but we have fun playing games and fellowship we laugh and laugh sometimes so hard we have tears who says we have to be young to play games and have fun, we all bring food say a prayer by pastor julie and have a meal together then we play and have fun.

  • John Sage says:

    Thanks so much for a chance to win this AWESOME prize. God bless

  • Linda Hartman says:

    I too was kicked out – Our family spends lots of time together so am including my kids and grandkids in our family count. Our sons and daughters in law are in their mid twenties and thirties. The grands are 6,4,2, 1 1/2 and 9 months.

  • Cathy Strand says:

    Between both of us working full time and the kids’ activities, it is difficult to find time to actually do things together as a family. This would be a great opportunity to do just that and have some relaxing time together. 96.5 plays in our house and in our vehicles during my commute to work. Music is a passion of mine and can really set the tone for the day. Praying I will be able to win this for my family.

  • Jeana Portner says:

    I just signed up for the family game night drawing and wanted to leave a quick note to say what a Great way to encourage families to spend more quality time together! Thanks for all you all do as Christian radio station, I know my days are always blessed by it! Our family loves your radio station!
    Jeana Portner

    1. lbanik says:

      Awe, thanks Jeana!! We are super excited about this giveaway and hope it does just that in encouraging families to spend that precious time together!!! Thank you for your sweet words and blessings to you!

  • Mona VanderZee says:

    We LOVE playing games with my son, his fiancé, and our daughters! It is a great way to spend an evening together!!!!

  • Colleen says:

    Our family loves games of any kind! When we go visit our kids and grandkids, it isn’t long and there question is “Do you want to play a game?” And, it leads to another one, etc.

  • Kristin says:

    I would really love to win this! My oldest son and I have a little bit of a rocky relationship. He was diagnosed with ADHD and is just so smart but we struggle. It’s just him, his brother and I at home. His Dad has never once been around. He absolutely loves to play board games and I think this might help us get into a ritual of every weekend game nights! Thanks!

  • Leanne Olivier says:

    Our family loves to play games. When all of our kids come home, we always have a game night or two and include our neighbors’ kids if they are home at the same time. This is a great way for families to set aside electronics and promote spending time together as well as learning how to win and lose. I enjoy KNWC. When we lived on a farm between Platte and Chamberlain, we put up an FM antenna so we could get KNWC. Now we listen via the computer or whenever we are in range with our car. Praise God for Christian radio!

  • Darnell says:

    We love to play games at our house. I do in home daycare and games come in handy for wintery or rainy days. (or when they complain of being bored) This past Christmas I gave all my daycare kids a game for a present. I just think kids need to give up the television and electronics and play more ! They need to learn to win and loose graciously and just have fun. We love listening to life 96.5…..when the day gets hectic it is calming to listen to your music and to hear a child singing Gods praise just makes my heart happy !

  • Alli says:

    Do we need to register every Friday to be in each drawing?

    1. lbanik says:

      Nope Alli! Just once is all you need :)

  • Hi me And my kids would love to have Family night we really dont have any games to play so this is Great that yall are doing this for familis. Thank u

  • Rachel says:

    Oops, registering and didn’t get to finish the info for my kiddos. I have a 7-year-old daughter, and two 4-year-old daughters.

  • Lisa Sullivan says:

    We do game nights or all day game days. We listen to 96.5 and sing along. I love that my 6 year old daughter will tell me to “turn it up! Mom” in the car when a song she knows from church comes on.

  • Julie says:

    It would be awesome to win a game night package. It’s fun to have something to do with your children, no matter their age, and their friends when they come over. It’s time for some different games in this house.

  • Marcia says:

    It would be so cool to win a game package for our family. Has been tough year for us family wise and would be neat to get our minds off things. We love to play games and spend time with our family.

  • Kim Dickey says:

    Ithe would be great to win the games.

  • Ami Pearson says:

    it is really hard to get my 17 year old son involved (as well as my husband), but any time that miracle happens I can surely feel God’s presence bringing our family closer. I have had some personal struggles in the recent past that really drove a wedge between my son and I and recently we have been on the mend. maybe our game involvement could be on the mend as well!

  • I just moved this last weekend so I registered again with the new address I hope that is ok
    I’m in the process of getting my 8 year old son back. It would be great to start family game night in our home. Thanks for the chance to win something amazing.

  • Angela Hannigan says:

    I would really enjoy this family night game package. My family has so many struggles putting down the work or things like computers and tablets that we struggle to find time to just be together. I want to teach my young kids from an earlier age that those other things aren’t as important. A game night full of new games and snacks would be a great way to show them how important family is.

  • I pressed return before I had all names and ages entered,
    We have grown children and 7 local grandchildren. They are ages 18 months to 9 years old. We enjoy spending the first Sunday each month with the local families and the 7 grandchildren. We love to play the couple of board games we have and I know they would love to experience different games as well. Tate age 9, Hadley 8 and Trinley 6, love to stay for sleepovers and we love to spend time with them playing board games, and spending time together.

  • Nate Kelly says:

    Our extended family loves game days. We try to get together at least once a month or so. The three of us try to play in the evenings once a week or at least every other week. Our nine year old gets bored with the games we have so this would be great for us as well.

  • Elizabeth Gacke says:

    Was signed off before I finished entering all of my kids. Teagin 9, Rowyn 6 & Layton 4. Thanks. I love this idea!! Every time I hear it on the radio it makes me smile!! I love family nights at home!!

  • Laurie Ascher says:

    Whoops! I didn’t get all my kids names entered before I hit submit!
    Elizabeth 14
    Daniel 11
    Luke 9
    Rebecca 6


  • Jera Potter says:

    I love listening to Life 96.5. My five year old sings along in the car on the way to and from daycare. Thank you for being such a place of peace and hope.

    I entered before finishing the names of my children: Nick-18, Hudson-5, and Leah-2.


  • Nancy McIntyre says:

    I listen to Life 96.5 driving to and from work and everywhere I go. I would love to win this for my kids and grandsons. I would love to have different games for game night when they come over.
    My grandsons love listening to your music. They ask to have the music turned up in the car. Thank you for a radio station that gives peace, hope, and stronger faith.

  • Chastity says:

    It would be a great way to spend our time in Sioux Falls, SD this weekend. I have always tried to find different ways for us to connect with one another. Often times everyone is surrounded by electronics, rather than be surrounded with one another.


  • Janet Hanson says:

    I listen to Life 96.5 in the car and at work. It really lifts me up.
    I would love to win the game night tote and start a monthly Family Game night with our adult children and grandchildren.

  • Rebecca Brown says:

    We don’t spend enough time together “not on our electronics”. We need a family game night!

  • Shannon Decker says:

    When I just registered, I wanted to state that our 15 yr old son is special needs and functions like a 12-18mo old (we lost his identical twin April 2015). Also, my step son who will be 8 in May comes to stay with us part of the summer and every other holiday.

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