You spoke through the Life Music Team survey and your voice was heard!  Over half of you gave Natalie Grant’s latest song “King of the World” 5 stars, so you’ll be hearing that more.  You’ll also be hearing a few more songs that we just added (below).  Soon, you’ll be able to give your input on those when you take part in the survey!

TobyMac “Love Broke Thru” talking about God loving us, pursuing us, finding us

MercyMe’s “Even If” reminds you if you are having bad days and think you can’t “do this anymore”… God will deliver you, even if He doesn’t come through, He is still your hope because of what God has done already for you


Micah Tyler with“Never Been A  Moment” encourages you to look back in your life, no matter what you’ve gone through, and realize that there has never been a moment the Lord has not been with you

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