2017 Summer Camp Giveaway

Summer Camp means new experiences, new friends, and new skills in the life of your child. If your kids are ready to spend a week at summer camp and you want to find a God-centered place, Inspiration Hills may be just the camp to consider. And right now, we want to make it easy for you ! Register for the Life 96.5 and Inspiration Hills Summer Kids Camp Giveaway and this month, you  could be the winner of two camp registrations , one for your child, and another for a friend or sibling, from Inspiration Hills for an upcoming 2017 camp program!

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Inspiration Hills offers a great setting in Northwest Iowa where your campers can try new activities, learn greater independence, and grow deeper in their relationship with God. Great memories with lasting benefits can come from a week at camp, so register now for the Giveaway using the form below and prepare for a life changing experience at Inspiration Hills Christian Camp and Retreat Center. The winner will be announced on Monday, March 27th!

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6 Responses to "2017 Summer Camp Giveaway"

  • Michelle Foy says:

    I wanted to share a quick story about our experience at Inspiration Hills. Our daughter, Catherine is our miracle baby. She was in the deaf/blind program growing up and had never been to a camp at Inspiration Hills previously. Last year, when I saw the program listed on the KNWC website, I contacted the team at Inspiration Hills. They were welcoming, encouraging and excited to have Catherine participate in the CHIPS program. The first week was spent in service; what a beautiful example of servant leadership! The second week, Catherine was an assistant leader of a small group of girls. It was an amazing time: she felt welcome, safe and part of the team which were new and wonderful experiences. She loved the fellowship, the accommodations and faith sharing. When I asked her if she wanted to go back this year, she answered with a quick “Yes! I’d love to go back mom. I want to be a servant leader and share my faith!” Thank for all you do. God bless!!

  • Meredith Vander Zee says:

    Our oldest of five children went to Inspiration Hills for the first time last summer. What a wonderful experience! We were so impressed with the staff and the camp counselors. Our son recently received a post card from his counselor from the Summer of 2015, encouraging him to continue on a life for Jesus. It hangs next to his bed; an impression that will last a lifetime. We truly appreciate this Christ-centered ministry so close to home.

  • suzanne potratz says:

    we are raising 3 grandkids due to drugs and prison, we need a lot of prayer! The boys both have special needs and all 3 kids have abandonment issues.. They love our church , Camp would be awesome..If we are not choosen what is the cost? they all receive south Dakota medical benefits thank God! and we are tired but thankful that the children are with us and not in the system. Thanks again for your prayers and we love life 96.5 The music has got me thur some tough times

  • Mariah Hockett says:

    Our son Cole lost his twin brother to .5 years ago. His identical twin brother had major heart defects as when he was born and he passed away when he was 8 years old with major blood clots to the heart very unexpectedly. Since then Cole has not been himself part of it has been gone any misses his brother so much sometimes through The Grieving part he does not know how to handle it very well. In school he hardly has any friends because people think he is different because he lost his twin and people don’t see it that way people tell him it’s time to get over it or other hurtful things to him more than he bottles up his feelings and he doesn’t know what to do with them. I think this Camp would be a phenomenal for him just to try to regroup and refocus back on his relationship with God to be around loving and caring people and to help him have just a week of fun without worrying about everything. 96.5 has helped us so much in the last 2.5 years not only with our relationships with our children but also our relationship grew closer to God through this hard time for her family

  • Tanya Larsen says:

    I think it is truly glorious that you offer this. I am hoping I will be among the ones picked as this is something I cannot afford for my boys. I understand there are people who have such touching stories and lives full of strife that would need to be considered first. I have no strife other than knowing I cannot afford an experience like this for them on my own. We have no illnesses or severe problems ( they both do have Asperger’s Syndrome, but God has blessed us immensely with making it so that they work with me well and want to work on their learning everyday. They are home-schooled so the idea of going to make friends sounds so awesome!) They’ve been through a lot, but are in a good place now. All of you have a truly blessed day!

  • Melissa says:

    Would love the opportunity for my daughter to experience such a camp.

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