Family Visitation Center in Sioux Falls offers a safe place for kids to meet with their parents or other non-custodial adults. Many families visit there week after week, in the same room. The activities are fun at first, but eventually become quite familiar for kids from toddler age all the way to teens.

This month YOU can help ease boredom and give kids a chance to make good memories with their parents during supervised visits by being part of the Life 96.5 Hands and Feet opportunity for May—Pack a Project!

When family members come together and work on a project during their visits at Family Visitation Center (FVC), relationships can grow stronger as the family members gain new skills.

FVC has learned that by providing arts and craft supplies to families and just a few helpful “getting started” ideas, kids and their parents can work together to create something meaningful.

Life 96.5 and FVC are working together this month to help YOU be the hands and feet of Jesus with fractured families that need to re-connect. By using craft supplies you donate, FVC will be able to customize projects for kids by age, season or holiday, and length of time needed.

Painting, paper folding, stamping, rock-decorating, making jewelry, headbands, flower crowns, or suncatchers—or just using paper, glue, glitter and googly-eyes  to “create” are all activities that kids enjoy and can do with their families. Older children may enjoy scrapbooking, Origami, or even simple sewing.

To help “Pack a Project”, just grab a gift bag and fill it with items from the list below. Choose things your own children like.

When you are ready, bring your “Pack a Project” bag to the Life 96.5 studios, Hobby Lobby, or Family Visitation Center.

Let’s help “Pack a Project” this month for FVC!


hobby_lobby_logo_detail_longHere are the lists of needed items; feel free to mix and match as many as you wish!

General Craft Supplies

Glue sticks, craft glue, hot glue sticks, Scotch tape, blank note cards, buttons, stickers, pipe cleaners, colored sand, felt pieces, pom-poms, craft sticks, washable paint, 5 x 7 pkgs of foam sheets, foam door hangers, foam stickers, construction paper, loom bands, Spirograph, craft beads, embroidery floss, bingo markers, tissue paper, wiggly eyes, feathers, paper plates, paint brushes, rubber stamps, washable ink stamp pads, colored pencils, washable markers, cotton balls, clear Contact pap;er, brown lunch bags, white bags.

Also needed are  “How to Draw. . .” books and

Craft Kits (Hobby Lobby):

Load-n-Launch Paper Airplanes

Color Surprise Art Kit

Rock Painting Kit

Stunt Glider planes

Sun catcher Activity kits

Fashion Headbands kit

Flower Crown kit

Jewelry making kits (ones that make multiple and can be divided up)

Stunt Squadron Plane kits

Specific items for older children/teens

Origami paper

Scrapbooking supplies

Singer Toy Sewing Machine

Lightweight scrap fabric


FVCTAGpngFamily Visitation Center is a service provider in Sioux Falls offering a safe place for kids while visiting their parents or other non-custodial adults. It is located at 311 E. 14th St. in downtown Sioux Falls where an average of 175 families can access their programs each month. FVC is a leader in the field of supervised visitation and exchanges. The Family Visitation Center offers child-friendly visitation rooms filled with games, toys and plenty of activities to help children and families have a fun and memorable experience. Highly trained, caring staff and volunteers are dedicated to making sure the visits are beneficial for children and, most importantly, safe. Learn more about Family Visitation Center.

4 Responses to "Life 96.5 May Hands & Feet: Pack a Project!"

  • Bryce says:

    These projects have helped me and my children connect in really fantastic ways. each donation you help with does more than you can imagine. Thanks to you over and over again.

  • Deb Miller says:

    I have A LOT of craft beads, some supplies, to donate for the project bags. However, I do not have time to organize them into individual bags. If I donate the supplies, is there someone that can assemble the bags? Please advise. Thank you.

    1. lbanik says:

      I bet Family Visitation Center would still love to have them, organized or not 🙂

  • Carol Woltjer says:

    Family Visitation Center would LOVE to have Deb’s beads, etc. We have volunteers ready and waiting to assemble project bags. So, having the “raw materials” for assembling these available will be a BLESSING!!

    THANK YOU, Thank You, thank you!!


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