Hello I am typing this story because today is the Anniversary of my Sister KIMBERS Death. My Sister lived in Madison SD and was Highly Involved in her church River of Life. July 4th 2012 at the ripe age of 38 The Lord felt the need to take her away from me and 5 years previous at the ripe age of 55 he took my mother 9-17-07.
I was battling with a lot of Demons and when my sister passed I became not only an uncle to my 5 year old nephew at that time but also became a full-time Father with no Experience of how to raise a child. I did raise Aubry for 4 1/2 years before I was arrested cause I lot my temper with him and this is what satan wanted to happen and spanked him with a belt and left bruises on him and was arrested 4 days later for Child Abuse. I spent my time in jail and got to visit my nephew Aubry while I was their through DSS and the God Thing is he forgave me for what I did to him and knows that one day we will be reunited again. My Demons I was battling with made me come closer to God while I was spending my time in jail. I have been out for almost a year now and have straightened my life out and read the word of god almost every morning. I want to Thank 96.5 Lauren as I told her my story at Life Light in 2016 and she listened to me and then prayed with me and That was a Golden Opportunity for me to Release everything and start all over. By the way was my 1st ever offense in my life according to the law. Thank you God for Showing me the LIGHT!!!!!

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