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Matthew West “Broken Things” – Do you ever feel like you’ve messed up too many times or unqualified to be used by God, here’s some encouragement…

Jeremy Camp “Word of Life” – Jeremy has this nugget of truth for you… “I want to encourage you to stick to the only true source of life and that’s Jesus, because He gives us all that we need.”

Danny Gokey “The Comeback” – “You’ve come so far, keep going…all of your tears were not a waste”

Unspoken “The Cure” – The Cure was inspired by Chad’s firsthand knowledge of what it means to be broken and seeking a remedy. “We live in a messed up world,” he says. “I came out of the drug culture. From what I can tell it’s even worse now than it was when I was in it. We’re all looking for some kind of answers, some kind of fulfillment. That’s been the state of humanity for thousands of years. But the good news is, there’s something to fill that hunger. There’s something to heal that pain. There is a cure and it’s Jesus.”

David Dunn “I Wanna Go Back” – Did life get in the way, maybe you grew apart from God and just wanna go back to Jesus…








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