Here’s your chance to meet some of your favorite artists on Saturday, August 26th! Jeremy Camp, Newsboys, and Hollyn will be performing at Canaries Stadium that evening as a part of the LifeLight City Fest celebration. Have you always wanted to meet them along with Sadie Robertson?  Well, here’s your chance!  Tickets are also included with your meet ‘n greets. If you need additional tickets for your party, they are free and available HERE.


Jeremy Camp – Brian Larson, Lisa Towne, Ted Jerke, Brad Hammond

Newsboys – Al Kingsley, Jaime Moore, Sarah Darling, Sherri Roemeling

Sadie Robertson – Lauree Teunissen, Andria Moran, Emily Schuiteman, Bonnie Hill

Hollyn – Brenda Deboer, Angie Bishop, Adela Martinez 


11 Responses to "Meet ‘n Greet Giveaway for Jeremy Camp, Newsboys, Sadie, Hollyn !"

  • Angie Reindl says:

    I’m excited to see how God is working and moving through LifeLight and CityFest. May His name be praised and gloried through this ministry! Bless everyone who has had a part in putting this all together and seeing it through!

  • Stacey Sedgwick says:

    Would be excited to have my new step son to meet either as Niro is 9 years old and until.this month he made his home in the Netherlands. Now will be staying in the U.S.
    I promised this Lifelight concert wiuld be the first thing we do as a new blended family.

  • Jane Bretzman says:

    I’ll be turning 70 in a couple of months and would love to hear the Newsboys and bring my 21 year old grandaughter with me.

  • Heidi Blom says:

    I would love for our family to meet Jeremy Camp. He is a favorite in our house and my 7 year old son has spent many many hours watching his videos online. Thanks so much for keeping the world of God going throughout our area!

  • Justin Widener says:

    I would love to just meet and possibly fellowship some with him. I would also love to let him know how much his music it’s an inspiration to me.

  • Becky Ebbers says:

    I would love to meet Newsboys with my daughter! She just loves them. She has had a tough time when she was younger and still battling with what happened. She especially is very fond of Gods not dead.

  • Corey Schlenker says:

    We would love to meet the Newsboys. They have inspired our family in so many ways. And my daughter would love it.

  • Jessica says:

    It would be awesome to meet anyone of them!

  • Alice Zonnefeld says:

    Would love ❤ to meet Newsboys. Turned my life over to Christ. CHRISTIAN Music relaxes me

  • Jodi S. says:

    My family just LOVES Jeremy Camp and the messages he delivers in his music. The opportunity to meet him and thank him for the blessing of his music and talents would be amazing!

  • Colleen says:

    I have been to Jeremy Camp in concert – awesome and would be privileged to meet him. The Newsboys are also awesome too – totally enjoyed God’s Not Dead and God’s Not Dead 2. Sadie Robertson was an inspiration on Dancing With The Stars. Would be honored with any of the three!

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