This year, you can help make Christmas a little brighter for those less fortunate in Sioux Falls, thanks to  Sharing Christmas.

Sharing Christmas was created as a way to centralize distributing holiday assistance to families in need in Sioux Falls.  The program matches those families at the holidays with a donor family that can help provide gifts, clothes and sometimes even a Christmas meal.

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So far, many families have been approved for assistance. Now donor families are needed! 

Would you consider bringing joy to a struggling family this holiday season? You can adopt a family to bless this December with the love and compassion of Christ. You’ll ease their financial concerns and put Christmas morning smiles on their faces.

Here’s how you can help:

Adopt a family!
Both “open adoptions” (where the donor meets the family) and “closed adoptions” (where donor does not meet the family) are available.

Organizer Randi Helder says, “We are encouraging donors and families to choose the open adoption process. It is a wonderful experience for both donors and families as everyone realizes that real people are involved. So many times a family can receive help from an organization or even a church congregation and it is easy to forget that it is a person who cared and has taken an interest in them, therefore, actually seeing them means so much.  Also for the donors it is a meaningful opportunity to see that a real family needs and enjoys their caring.  It is a double gift to all, as so often the gift is enlarged by the personal experience.”

Donor families will receive a written summary of the gift requests of the family they are matched with and they will purchase gifts, gift cards, groceries, etc. for their adopted family.  For ‘closed’ adoptions, gifts will be dropped off by December 1st to the Sioux Falls Ministry Center.  In an ‘open’ adoption the donor will deliver the gifts directly to the family, as close to December 1st as practical.

For more information, please call or check out the website of Center of Hope Phone: 605- 334-9789 or The Community Outreach  Phone: 605-331-3935

Or if you are ready to go, ADOPT a family right here!

The program needs to have all donors signed up by Monday, November 13th. This ensures the program has the time needed time to enter data, match, shop and deliver. Donors will receive a letter specifying their adopted family’s needs by November 24th.

Thank you for taking this opportunity to show the love of Christ in action by adopting a family in need!

Volunteer your time! Sharing Christmas needs volunteers for data entry and also for the mailing portion of the campaign. If you would like to help, sign up HERE.

If you are a family needing assistance:

Between now and November 10, families requesting assistance can pick up applications at agencies in Sioux Falls where they have a case worker (SD Department of Social Services, Inter-Lakes Community Action, BrightStart, Center of Hope and The Community Outreach).  Applications must be submitted to Center of Hope or The Community Outreach prior to November 10th.  Applications will be qualified, ages and interests of the family will be recorded, and families will be matched with a ‘donor’.

Randi Helder explains

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