Casting Crowns “God of All My days”

Hawk Nelson “He Still Does (Miracles)” 

“I feel like the very existence of our band after 15 years is a miracle in itself… and within that miracle are thousands of other miracles… stories of God moving in amazing ways, both big and small,” shares Hawk Nelson’s front man Jonathon Steingard. “Thinking on these things reminds me how beautiful and special a life we’ve been given as children of God – that He isn’t some far-off creator who is hands-off, but an active loving Father who is present and working in our daily lives.”

David Dunn ” Grace Will Lead Me Home” 

“Grace Will Lead Me Home’ is a song I wrote when I was thinking about Heaven. Grace is the thing that leads us in into life.Yes God’s grace gives us access to Heaven, but it’s also the thing that allows us to live a life along the way to Heaven that’s fulfilling. Because of grace we are able to choose life! I thought a lot about Deuteronomy 30:19, the verse that tells us to choose life that we may live. Grace is a powerful thing not just at the end of our lives, but all the way through it. – David Dunn

Riley Clemmons “Broken Prayers” 



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