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“Oceans” with a drum solo?

You may have seen this video going around.  It starts off with a woman singing Hillsong’s “Oceans” while playing a keyboard…and not too long after the drummer is worshiping to “his own beat of the drum?” Led by the Spirit or maybe he’s simply living out his rock ‘n roll dream!…


Beef Enchilada Soup!

Who doesn’t like Slow cooker recipes??  And with cooler temps, you find yourself starting to get in the mood for some yummy soup.  I found this recipe yesterday and shared it on air with you!  It sounded so good (not to mention easy), I just couldn’t keep it to myself! So, if you want an easy dinner idea this week,…


Jesus at school

The beginning of every school year brings the fresh reminder that Christian students, at some point, will find their faith tested while they’re on campus. And there’s always the hope that with our own kids, we’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief when they will tell us about times when their values or moral standards are challenged,…


The love of a grandma

Boy, oh boy, what would we do without grandmas?  Grandmas are best known for sneaking you a cookie when mom isn’t looking, having an unlimited supply of snacks in the cupboard (just for you), and especially the “squeeze until you can’t squeeze anymore” hug! Recently, I had to say “goodbye”…


“Mom, there’s nothing to do”

Sound familiar!  How can this be?  There are so many things to do as kids, the sky is the limit!  I remember always being busy as a kid, whether it was playing inside or out!  And no, video games and TV does not count 🙂 Yesterday was one of those perfect summer days…sunny, gentle breeze, and 80!  A day that you make…


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