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To Bike or Not to Bike

This summer Nick and I have made it our goal that he learns to ride his bike and learns to swim, so let’s just say I’m expecting an entertaining (and occasionally frustrating) summer. The other day though I told Nick let’s get back to practicing on his bike, because he’s able to bike across the yard by himself (we have a big yard).…


Embracing who God says you are

How was your day? Another start to another workweek? Maybe it is the first part of a vacation week. Did you please everyone today? Did you feel inadequate today? Did you find yourself again longing for approval at home or work or with friends? I think we all do. We can’t please everyone but we can please God. I have been a people pleaser.…


Those Pesky Seasonal Allergies!

If you’re like me, you are definitely getting hit with seasonal allergies!  I am willing to take all the help I can get with trying to “tame the beast!” Without unloading a bunch of big words and details on you, I’ll get right to the point.  These foods contain an allergy-fighting ingredient called…


Casting Crowns' Mark Hall Chats with Dave

The award winning Crowns front man… on their Come to the Well tour, the joys & challenges of success, and what you can expect at their show on April 20th! Listen to the interview below… Listen Here


A case of the "Mondays"

After today, I feel like it is my duty to warn you about this devasting thing called “a case of the Mondays”!  It is not a force to be wreckoned with!  Its evolving and starting to spread to other days of the week like Tuesday.  Oh its real folks!  I know because it happened to me TODAY 😀 If you ever find yourself not…

Romantic Tips!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!  This past week on the morning show, Dave and I threw some “challenges” out there to married couples!  Trust me, these weren’t just going out to you, Dave was taking notes as well!!!  Here are some tips to enhance your marriage and take it to the next level… Lauren’s…


Who Knew?

I found this neat list of household tips, wish I had known about some of these a long time ago! ============ For icy door steps in freezing temperatures:  Get warm water and put Dawn dish washing liquid in it. Pour it all over the steps. They won’t refreeze.   ============ ========= Crayon marks on walls?…  This worked wonderfully! 

The story of my Pooh Bear

I’ve had some friends ask me to tell my story that I shared at the Sanctity of Human Life prayer service…so here you go! Every time I think about it, it amazes me how even when I didn’t know God, He still knew me!  He was working in my life and through circumstances to bring me into a personal relationship with Him. When…


"Yeah, yeah I know mom!"

Ugh…those words are uttered all the time at my house!   We are blessed with three fun, lively girls.  Yet with kids, come challenges!!  I know every mom and dad out there knows what I am talking about. Last night, went through it again with our girls…”girls, what are you going to do right away in the morning…

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