Hands & Feet Opportunities

Rake the Town! Life 96.5 Fall Hands & Feet opportunity

Rake the Town is an annual rake-a-thon event coordinated by the Workers on Wheels program at Active Generations in Sioux Falls. This two-day event will engage over 1,000 volunteers… to rake the yards of 360 elderly and disabled homeowners. Business groups, individuals, families, sports teams, students, scouts, service clubs,


Soles for School July’s Hands and Feet

"Soles for School" continues in August as the July Hands and Feet opportunity. We need volunteers and donations helping put shoes on the feet of children in the Sioux Empire Aug. 19.

Life 96.5 June Hands & Feet: Loads of Love!

YOU can send off a graduate with Loads of Love this month! During June, YOU can help young men and women who turn 18 and are transitioning out of foster care into independent living by sending them on their way with Loads of Love…! Just as you would bless your own child with some of the things they need to “get started” in their own apartment

Life 96.5 May Hands & Feet: Pack a Project!

Family Visitation Center in Sioux Falls offers a safe place for kids to meet with their parents or other non-custodial adults. Many families visit there week after week, in the same room. The activities are fun at first, but eventually become quite familiar for kids from toddler age all the way to teens. This month YOU can help ease…

Life 96.5 April Hands & Feet Adopt a Student!

You can’t always see needs. When a family is challenged financially, the struggle to keep up is often hidden well. But affording basic things like properly sized clothing and shoes, hygiene products, or even money for transportation for a growing student can be an overwhelming burden. School Social Workers fill in the gap for…

Life 96.5 March Hands & Feet “On a Roll” with Necessities for Neighbors!

Remember when toilet paper came in at least 4 different colors? Or how about when you snuck into someone’s yard to pitch a few rolls over the treetops? Now that you’re older, TP can still be fun! Hear us out, now. During March, Life 96.5 invites you to be part of an important ministry to families in our community. It’s called Necessities…

Life 96.5 Better Together February Hands & Feet

Bingo Night has been rescheduled! Please see below for the updated information. Matchmaking is a great concept for February, the month of love. But hold on, because Better Together… makes matches with a twist we know you’re going to love! If your parents or grandparents live far away, you know it can be a challenge to spend time

Warm a neighbor

Final days to drop off--especially needed are large men's socks and large men's insulated work gloves.

Life 96.5 January H&F – Sioux Empire’s Largest Baby Shower

This month, Life 96.5 is celebrating some precious new babies in our community with Alpha Center—we’re hosting the Sioux Empire’s Largest Baby Shower! During January you can lavish a bit of Christ’s love on a new parent who has chosen life for their baby AND help them get off to a good start with resources from Alpha Center…

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