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Hands & Feet Opportunities

Help a student

A simple gift card can bring hope to a student AND their social worker

Life 96.5 January H&F – Sioux Empire’s Largest Baby Shower

Life 96.5 is celebrating some precious new babies in our community with Alpha Center—we’re hosting the Sioux Empire’s Largest Baby Shower! During January you can lavish a bit of Christ’s love on a new parent who has chosen life for their baby AND help them get off to a good start with resources from Alpha Center and wonderful…

Christmas cookie collection

If you're a baker, consider sharing treats and Christ's love with residents of Bishop Dudley and St. Francis House for a special event. Donations of cider are also needed! Learn more. . .

Life 96.5 Holiday Hands & Feet “Stuff a Stocking”

Christmas is a time of JOY! During a season of giving and celebrations, when greeting cards and songs on the radio and in the stores tell of peace on earth, and all the world seems merry and bright with lights and decorations, why wouldn’t there be anything but JOY everywhere you go? And yet, there are places, right in our community,…


Life 96.5 October H&F – Sharing Christmas

Christmas is a time for joy, happiness, and a celebration of newness in all things.  For many families, newness means many gifts stacked under a tree with the latest action figure or trying a new recipe for a large family feast. But other families in our community are struggling, and for them, the upcoming holidays brings additional…


New Kitchen Shower for The Banquet West: August H & F

Can you imagine trying to serve dinner without a kitchen and dining area?… Twice each week, scores of volunteers prepare, load, move, and unload set up and serve hot meals for over 200 in a warehouse facility that was never designed for that purpose. Still, nourishing our community happens at The Banquet West each week. In Sioux Falls,

Life 96.5 July Hands & Feet: Together we grow

You can still help! Donate brand new athletic shoes, packaged socks, packaged underwear, or backpacks with school supplies through August 13th or be a volunteer on August 17 or 18!

Life 96.5 April Hands & Feet Adopt a Student!

You can’t always see needs. When a family is challenged financially, the struggle to keep up is often hidden well. But affording basic things like properly sized clothing and shoes, hygiene products, or even money for transportation for a growing student can be an overwhelming burden. School Social Workers fill in the gap for…

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