Hands & Feet Opportunities

Warm a neighbor

Final days to drop off--especially needed are large men's socks and large men's insulated work gloves.

Life 96.5 January H&F – Sioux Empire’s Largest Baby Shower

This month, Life 96.5 is celebrating some precious new babies in our community with Alpha Center—we’re hosting the Sioux Empire’s Largest Baby Shower! During January you can lavish a bit of Christ’s love on a new parent who has chosen life for their baby AND help them get off to a good start with resources from Alpha Center…

Life 96.5 Hands & Feet: Celebrating Families!

This year’s Celebrating Families Free Back to School Fair… will take place on Saturday, August 20th at Washington Pavilion, 301 S. Main in Sioux Falls. The event is from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm. Children attending will be able to receive a package of new socks and underwear. Along with a free lunch, there will also be school information

Life 96.5 July Hands & Feet: Beautiful You!

A kind word. . .a listening ear. . .and the gift of a few personal care items to make life a little better. Tapestry International is a ministry that is quietly making a difference from their location in downtown Sioux Falls. Tapestry, located in the Sioux Falls Ministry Center, has a vision to invest in the lives of women who arrive…

Life 96.5 H&F Catering to the Care-A-Vanners

In just a couple of weeks, recreational vehicles from all over the country will be rolling into Sioux Falls with volunteers ready to pick up a hammer and help change lives. It’s the Habitat for Humanity RV Care-A-Vanners program, with volunteers of all ages, from all walks of life, and a desire to help on an intense two week build…

Life 96.5 May H&F – Birthday in a Bag

You can bring joy and the gift of happy memories to a child and make their birthday extra special during a supervised visit with their parents by being a part of the Life 96.5 Hands and Feet opportunity for May–Birthday in a Bag! For most kids, birthday parties and celebrations are a special and memorable part of growing up with…

Life 96.5 April H&F – Mentoring Matters!

The transition from incarceration to regular life is made every day by people right here in the Sioux Empire. For many, the desire to start fresh is met by obstacles most of us never face. Kingdom Boundaries Prison Aftercare is a ministry that steps in to the lives of men who need a place to stay while they re-enter society. In addition…

Life 96.5’s March H&F – Adopt a Student

If a family is challenged financially, the struggle to keep up with basic things like properly sized clothing and shoes, hygiene products, or even funds for transportation for a growing student can be an overwhelming burden. School Social Workers fill in the gap for students enrolled in the Sioux Falls School District. These social…

Life 96.5 H&F – Rake the Town

During September, Life 96.5 invites you to join us and others as we Rake the Town Sioux Falls! Rake the Town is an annual rake-a-thon event coordinated by the Workers on Wheels program at Active Generations in Sioux Falls. This two-day event will engage over 1,000 volunteers to rake the yards of 300 elderly and disabled homeowners.…

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