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New Year’s resolutions for the minimally-inspired

Usually, we try to set goals for the new year that can be unattainable.  We have good intentions, but then March comes around and we are like “goals?  What goals?” So here’s what I’m proposing.  Let’s just shoot for small goals this year (I mean really small goals..hee hee) and see what can be accomplished! …


Encouraging you in the dark

It seems that we don’t need to be taught how to grieve or be sad, it’s just part of life.  There are those times when we don’t know why something is happening or where to turn, but God is always there! When we go to God in prayer during those dark times, he works on our hearts and helps us. Lots of people in the Bible poured…


You vs time

I don't know about you, but I feel like time and I just don't quite jive most of the time.


Moving? Tips you need to know!

Moving seems like it is a part of life.  You grow up and move out of your parents’ house after school.  You move from an apartment into your first starter home.  Once you have kids, you may need a bigger place and by that time, you definitely have more stuff to move around! I’ve moved a number of times and depending…



The amazing story on the song Tell Your Heart to Beat Again

If you have heard the Danny Gokey song “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” on Life 96.5, you understand it’s a powerful song about getting yourself back up when you heart feels like it has been crushed. But the story behind the song is even more incredible…Randy Phillips of Phillips, Craig & Dean (Danny Gokey is covering that…


Struggling with passion?

This seven letter word has made me think lately…well, that and my middle daughter asking me the other day, “Mom, what’s your passion?”  I’ve been asked that before and my answer is still the same, “I don’t know, I’m a mom and I don’t have time for a passion”. I love…



Family…it’s what’s for dinner

Often times I find myself being brought back to “simple” through my 3 teenage daughters.  Cailey, my oldest daughter, wanted a small birthday celebration with family.  If my middle daughter Rianna felt like the family needed more time to spend together, she would grab a game and sweetly encourage us to play.  …


Go for the win…with your Super Bowl snacks

As a self-described “foodie”, when it comes to big eating events like the Super Bowl, I get really excited to elevate the food I serve to the next level. There’s nothing like taking standard fare and surprising your guests and even your own taste buds with some unique twists. Here’s a list of 50 different recipes you can choose…


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