Marvin’s story

A lot of ups and downs over the years. I started counseling with a biblical base program several months ago. I have learned that the LORD has been with me all along. I have always had a strong faith and knew things will get better. Since I learned to take my time and say my prayers out loud to the LORD I have had much better feeling toward my…

Justin’s story

Last September when I turned 40, my health was turned upside down. I went to the doctor for a simple sinus infection and when I walked out I was diagnosed with hypertension and type 2 diabetes. Was put on medication that caused enormous pain in my chest and things continued to go downhill from there. From anxiety problems to a recent…

Autumn’s story

My grandmother became ill with cancer last year. She was starting to fade and we knew that she didn’t have much time left. My family prayed to God to allow her to spend one last Christmas with us. She managed to be well enough to celebrate Christmas with us. However, on December 29th God called her home. I know that she is no longer…

Tiffany’s story

We have been asking for prayers on the prayer work page. These prayers were for getting our son back. Our son gooing to be 3 in about a week and we are suppose to after his birthday get boost to in home trial. This to us is great news because they would be making a step. Thank you for the prayers, I know God is with him. Our son is great at praying…

Craig’s story

i listen to you through www.life965.fm in Faragut Square in Washington DC, just north west of the White House. It makes my day.…

Jim’s story

I’m 59 and I don’t know how long I’ll live, so I’m trying to enjoy my life. But, I still would like to do good works. The most helpful thing I do for myself now is go to the YMCA and exercise until I feel well. I saw a guy there today that looked a lot like John Schlitt of Petra, but it didn’t seem possible. I…

doug’s story

I went to pick up my meds and found out I couldn’t afford them at that time. The pharmacy had left me a voicemail which said my meds had been paid for. When I went to get them a note on them said that the person in line behind me paid for them. I asked the Lord to bless that person and I thank the Lord for touching their heart. The Lord may…

doug’s story

I had 2 heart stents put in in November last year. December of last year I had 2 more heart stents put in. The Lord spared my life twice. So now I suffer from anxiety (didn’t know what it was at the time) so I asked the Lord to cure me of that too. I subscribe to the Life Verse and when I checked the inbox it was Mark 5:19. How cool is that?…

COLTON’s story

I used to live in Rapid City, SD until I have been really home sick to be closer to my families that’s how got myself into a huge depression, angers, anxieties, motions, until my step mom & my foster mom came to me & told me it’s time to move to Mitchell this way I can be closer to them that’s how I did. When I moved…

Sara’s story

I just want to thank you for the words of encouragement the love and encouraging words – because of your station my family has been able to break a vicious cycle of the enemy and his works. Through several years fighting addiction disease and control of my life I am now choosing to be the next person in my family to allow the love…

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