Lilly’s story

I love all the worship songs Life 96.5 play. I also love the stories other people write. I love the lord and glad he gave people the idea of Christian radio stations. I love how Life 96.5 spreads the word of God to people who think they are worth nothing. I love how they tell people they are valuable and special. Thank you Life 96.5 so much.…

Jeanette’s story

As a child and a teenager, I struggled with abuse in the home from my adopted dad. I lost touch with God and my relationship hung by a thread. My mom found out about the abuse and separated from my adopted father. Shortly afterwards, my grandfather died. It was then that I “died” inside and no longer believed in God. When…

Steve’s story

First of all I want to say that my wonderful wife recommended I listen to your station; I love the music and the message – great and uplifting are both. My wonderful wife had heard on your station about the Behold He Knocks mens gathering at Brandon Valley Assembly of God which I attended on October 21st and 22nd. Having never been…

Jen’s story

Last November when the Newsboys came to Brookings my entire life has done a complete 180.. was struggling as I am now but last year I was on all sorts medicine for pain, steroids, etc… doctors still havent figured out whats wrong with me but prayers do work when it comes to cancer patients…!! I am way closer to God now, I only…

megan’s story

when i was with my dad and stepmom treated me like a slave and my dad wanted to kill me and he did nasty stuff to me when i was a teenager and now that i went to Lifelight and i met my best friend and i just want to follow jesus and i just wanted to thank you this Awesome music…

Lacy’s story

Yesterday morning I had a God moment. Tensions have been running a little high between co-workers at work and we’re all in need of God’s grace. For ourselves and for each other. I’ve been praying and doing my best to extend more grace to others. Yesterday morning as I was getting into the car the song, “Great…

Sue’s story

I always hear people comment about hearing the right song and just the right time. My daughter and son-in-law live in Melbourne, Florida and were in the direct path of Hurricane Matthew. They evacuated earlier this week so I knew they were safe but as she said, it’s so surreal to be here and have no idea if we’ll have a home…

William’s story

Hello! My name is William Tjeerdsma and I am a cancer survivor. When I was ten months old, my mom noticed that my left eye wiggled a little bit. She didn’t think that it was anything to be concerned about, but just as a precaution, she pointed it out to my dad, who was a cardiologist, when he came home from work. He didn’t think…

Bryce’s story

Divorce is never fun. I was together with her for 20 years married for 14. She cheated on me and it devastated my world. She had a child because of that. I tried to make the world right for years and years. I cant fix all things only one can. This year she forced the divorce and there is no fixing it no turning back. I tried as a good Christian…

Allison’s story

This isn’t really in Story form, but it is what I just wrote based on my life the last 4 months. “It was good” that my daughter was Stillborn There are many limitations that having a baby puts on mothers and fathers in life. The ability to pack up and leave to go somewhere takes longer. Sleep is less likely to happen.…

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