Growing in Faith

What my cat never learned

I was trying to train my cat once. He never got it right. Each time I did sit ups in the middle of the living room he would try to claw my arm flesh off. Evidently I was crowding in on his run-of-the-entire-house-territory. Even 30 minutes on 3 days a week was a great bother to him. I tried to teach him to obey me, but he wasn’t interested.…


Rejoice when we are persecuted?

Jesus said to rejoice when we’re persecuted. Matthew 5:11-12 “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” It’s…


Be strong in the Lord and pray…for your children

Prayer…that is what we’ve been doing for our three daughters, but more specifically our middle daughter Rianna!  This was their first year in public school after me homeschooling them for 8 yrs.  Nights leading up to school starting she would ask to pray together.  First, we prayed for the change as a whole and…


Rest assured, you are heard

I was helping my sweet friend with her dishes. I was telling her a few things that I had been praying through and some answers where I felt God’s leading. She was quiet, patient, and methodical with her hands while I shared. She heard my heart. She listened. She heard. Ask any woman. When we have a conversation with you, we just…


Being grateful today

Make sure Jesus is your Lord and Savior. Thank Him for forgiving you and giving you the gift of eternal life. Be confident God created for you for a purpose and your life matters. Be grateful for friends and family. Tell them you love and appreciate them. Start and end your day with giving thanks for at least 3 things, events or people…

If my rose bushes could talk

I am giggling on the inside about the title of this blog. Of course, rose bushes can’t talk. But if they could, I wonder what they would have said the other day when I was pruning my two Knockout rose bushes. You may remember the day beauty came back into my life in the midst of a mess. I was trimming some dead buds off of the tips of the…



As I continue working towards my M.Div at Northwestern College in St.Paul, soon to be University of Northwestern in St.Paul, (that should make the corporate brass happy) one thing has really jumped out to me. Almost to the point where I’m starting to feel somewhat cheated. Do you ever get that way, where you’re just dying to know…


The heat of the desert

We all have specific seasons that we journey through. There are times you feel the heat of a desert. Have you ever felt that way? From my prayer journal… “I yearn for your answers God. You know my prayers, my hopes, dreams and desires. I long for Your promises to be complete. Sometimes the waiting period seems unbearable.…


Embracing who God says you are

How was your day? Another start to another workweek? Maybe it is the first part of a vacation week. Did you please everyone today? Did you feel inadequate today? Did you find yourself again longing for approval at home or work or with friends? I think we all do. We can’t please everyone but we can please God. I have been a people pleaser.…


Forever promises

When thinking about adventures in faith, taking next steps without clear direction or guidance seems risky. Am I the only one who likes to have God’s plan marked out in sharpie on a triplicate hard copy for all parties involved? Humm…I thought so. There are no guarantees of a neat tidy journey wrapped up with pink bows and rainbows.…


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