Sharing Your Faith


God did a work of transformation in John Turnipseed's life. He shares his story of going from gang leader to community leader.


Go a little further

A Christian friend of mine had a great job. He was in an influential position with an organization that really allowed him to shine a light in a dark world. Another friend of mine, a non-Christian, worked for that same organization. I asked the non-Christian friend whether or not he knew my Christian friend. “Yeah… he’s the…



How to minister to teens

The teenage years are undoubtedly some of the toughest years a person can go through. So many issues; changing education, changing friends, changing body, and an emotional maturity that can’t always keep up. Those factors can lead teens to depression, anxiety, and feeling unworthy of others’ affection or respect.…



Talking about God at work & school

We’re fast approaching the time of year when many 18-year-olds across the country will end one chapter of their lives and move into their college years. And for many Christian teens, that means stepping into the cornucopial abyss of worldviews you find on secular universities. Maybe you’ve been preparing your kid…


The story of stories

Most of us love stories. Sometimes they come from an experience long ago, and sometimes from something that just happened. When my husband and I share stories at the dinner table, they often come from our own days and our history. He will share something from his youth, like a story about pets, the one room country school he attended,…


Thy Kingdom come

“How do you share your faith?” Have you memorized the four spiritual laws originally created by Dr. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade and do you use them regularly in conversations with interested friends and family? Maybe you’re a story teller/testimony person telling another how God intervened in your life…



This is a great time of year to invite people to church. During the Christmas and Easter seasons, folks who normally do not attend church are often open to attending a service. In some circles, they’re referred to as “CEOs” – “Christmas and Easter Onlys”. If you belong to a congregation where the Gospel is preached and…


The guy who ruined Christmas in November

I hang my head in shame as I write this, and I know this is an overused cliché, but if I can save one parent from making this painful mistake, then he or she won’t have to experience the horrors of sucking the joy out of their children (because I have yet to meet a parent who strives to do that). You see, that’s exactly what I did. I sucked…


The heart of a grouch

I saw that a day this past week was set aside as “National Grouch Day.” Have you ever wondered what is really at the heart of someone you may think is a grouch? You never know what someone is actually going through or what may be the cause of a “grouchy” mood.  Here’s an email I received from someone who…


Following footsteps

I can’t say I’ve ever aspired to follow in anyone footsteps. Sure, I desire to be like Christ and follow him, but that’s as an individual uniquely gifted by God for God. So what happened this weekend didn’t really hit me until after the fact, that while I’m not following anyone’s footsteps, occasionally stepping on the…


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