Sharing Your Faith

The guy who ruined Christmas in November

I hang my head in shame as I write this, and I know this is an overused cliché, but if I can save one parent from making this painful mistake, then he or she won’t have to experience the horrors of sucking the joy out of their children (because I have yet to meet a parent who strives to do that). You see, that’s exactly what I did. I sucked…


The heart of a grouch

I saw that a day this past week was set aside as “National Grouch Day.” Have you ever wondered what is really at the heart of someone you may think is a grouch? You never know what someone is actually going through or what may be the cause of a “grouchy” mood.  Here’s an email I received from someone who…


Following footsteps

I can’t say I’ve ever aspired to follow in anyone footsteps. Sure, I desire to be like Christ and follow him, but that’s as an individual uniquely gifted by God for God. So what happened this weekend didn’t really hit me until after the fact, that while I’m not following anyone’s footsteps, occasionally stepping on the…


The road to nowhere

Life is a journey…or so that’s what we always hear. So here’s my question for you, have you ever felt that you have no idea where your road is taking you? One would think if they were traveling on a road, they’d know exactly the destination. I suppose in all fairness, I know my ultimate destination is eternity with Jesus, but…


Welcome back to school PRAYERS

Google can’t deny in the past few weeks, folks are searching for “back to school prayers”. God wants us in prayer. He wants to hear what is in our hearts. Sometimes we know what is on our hearts but can’t seem to spit out the right words. God doesn’t look down on us if we find a written prayer that fits our…


The value of words, what to do with a million a year?

The choice of words make a huge difference. What we say to our kids, our spouse, our boss, our friends and standing in line, the words we use are so powerful. Sometimes we say words that shouldn’t be said. Sometimes we omit words that need to be said. In James 3, we find that words can change the course of life. no man can tame the tongue,…


A life that spills over

Hey Friends!… Susie Larson here… I have a question for you. Would you say that yours is a ‘spilling over’ kind of life? You know, the kind of life where you experience God’s constant supply because you are constantly pouring out? I hope so! Because there is no better life than that! Nothing is as exhilarating



The introverted evangelist

Christians are called to share their faith with neighbors openly and in various ways. But what if you’re an introvert? What if the very idea of speaking to people about your faith (or much anything else, for that matter) scares you half to death? It’s good to remember that evangelism is so much more than handing out tracts…

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