Less busyness = better life?

It’s a busy, busy world. The culture is chaotic, your city is bustling, and your life can roll along at a break-neck pace. Sometimes we excuse being so busy. You have to pay the bills, right? Author John Busacker probably agrees, but he also says the mantra ‘busy is better’ is baseless: Busacker has written the…



Grace Unplugged

You don’t have to spend more than 5 minutes watching TV to discover that Christianity, people of faith, and traditional values are not things that Hollywood tends to embrace. In fact, it’s usually the opposite – Christians are often portrayed as bumbling bible-bangers, holier-than-thou hoity-toites, or…


Spending some time “unplugged”

It wasn’t until after my kids were in bed Sunday night that I realized, we hadn’t turned the TV on for days! Not a huge feat, I know, but it’s not been the norm. Through this winter that kept on giving our family’s had so many movie nights and clicked through entire seasons of shows on Netflix. The nicer weekend…


Gadgets and parenting, some apps that help

Parenting is simultaneously awesome, fun, busy, and hard! Unfortunately my brain doesn’t always have the capacity to keep up with the day-to-day tasks and information. That’s why I’m trying some new ways to use gadgets (which can often just be a distraction) to assist in my daily dad duties. Here are a few…



What invention would make your life easier?

I once read that at some point in the 1920’s, the US patent office actually said that there was no reason to stay open because everything that could be invented had already been thought of!  Sometimes I feel that way, too, but then a problem comes my way that I wish had an easier solution. I shared on my facebook page : “I…


The memory of God’s people

Last summer, someone made a wise observation that has stayed with me for weeks – the Church responds swiftly when there’s an acute, immediate need. Food drives are organized, candlelight vigils spring up across the community, and every person feels a call to get involved and serve the hurting. Then we drift from…


Nothing like we expected

I came across this video from Walter Cronkite in 1967. In it, he describes the home of the 21st century.   It’s somewhat comical to look at this “home-computing-console”, but when you step back a bit, it was really pretty accurate. We have everything as he describes it. It just looks nothing like he thought…


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