So Dave doesn’t get my dilemma. Jim gave me two dozen roses for Valentines Day nine days ago and they are now starting to wilt.  Dave said “just throw ’em away. ”

But I’m wondering if there’s something creative I can do with them to save them. I’ve heard about putting the petals on a cookie sheet and drying them then putting them in a jar.  I’m not real creative with things like this and I could use your ideas.

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  • Rob says:

    Hey Suzanne,
    My wife, Nicole, will take flowers about to wilt and hang them upside down, let them dry out, then put them in a vase. She has done that with special events flowers, and even did that with her wedding bouquet…the one she didn’t throw:) I have also heard of people spraying them with an aerosol hair spray to help keep them from getting crushed. My wife doesn’t do that, but we put those flowers in spots out of reach of being “damaged”. Good luck and God Bless!

  • Pastor Norlyn Van Beek says:


    My wife and I have been married 31 years- She hasnt done this for all the flowers I have given her but a lot of them. SHe drys them out and puts them in sealed glass containers- like a clear class cookie jar and keeps adding to it until full then starts another one. SHe includes the leaves and some of the other stuff. She has them setting around the house – they look pretty neat.

  • Bonita says:

    You could dry the rose by either hanging them upside down, or take the petals and lay them out on a flat surface to dry. Once they are dry you could put them in a jar that has a lid. Pour enough oil (like olive oil)to cover the petals, put the lid on and sit in a warm place for a week. After a week, sprain the rose petal mixture through a sprainer saving the oil. You now have rose scent body oil.

  • Autumn says:

    I’ve totally done this! i went to a consignment store and bought a “pretty” jar and kept the dried rose petals in them. I have them from my wedding, the birth of my daughter and several different occasions. slap a pretty ribbon on it and Voila!…a pretty room decoration!

  • Mary says:

    People make homemade potpourri also with the dried flowers and such; use some favorite essential oils. I keep a lot of special flowers in a jar and also have some extra special ones in a cedar box.

  • Mereta says:

    I spray hairspray on them before they are wilted then let it dry. Once the hairspray is dried, I hang them upside down to let them dry internally. Once they are dried completely, put them in a vase and you will have a bouqet of always bloomed roses! Yellow roses turn out the best!

  • Tonya says:

    Yes, hang them upside down and let them dry out. When they are dry, put them in a vase or snip the blooms off and put them in a clear jar with a lid. they make a very pretty rememberance of the gift of flowers. I’ve done this on many occassions and if kept out of direct sunlight, they will retain their color and shape. Tell Dave not to throw them away!

  • D. N. Payne says:

    Is there a way to grow a bush from a wilted cut rose stem? I have seen a few ways to root stems on Facebook , but I did not save them. Would appreciate any information. Thanks

    1. Bea Riley says:

      I did not save the article I read but I remember it showed putting the bottom of them stem in a white potato. Then plant it like that. I have not tried it but you may want to give it a try. I would also keep it in a warm place or wait until spring.
      Good luck.

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