God gives us all unique gifts and abilities. I recently began reading a book called Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath. I believe the more we are aware of our strengths and weaknesses, the better Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Daughters, Sons, Co-workers and on and on we can become. Here is the brief list for you to find your top 5. Share them with us!  I have marked my personal 5 with an *    – Suz

Achiever – Constant need to achieve and push yourself.

*Activator – Always ready to get going on a project, perhaps impatient.

Adaptability – You live in the moment discovering your future one moment at a time.

Analytical – Prove it! Show me why is often coming from your mouth.

Arranger – You’re able to conduct several things in your head at one time.

Belief – You have certain core values that are enduring.

Command – You like to take charge.

*Communication – You like to explain, describe, host and speak in public.

Competition – Other peoples perfomance is a yardstick for you to compare.

Connectedness – Belief that we are all part of a larger picture and need to care for each other with a high sense of that responsibility.

Consistency – Balance is important to you. You treat people all the same.

Context – You look back because you believe that’s where answers lie.

Deliberative – Private, careful and vigilant person. You plan ahead.

Developer – You see the potential in others, no one is every fully formed.

Discipline – Your world needs to be predictable, ordered and planned.

Empathy – You can feel emotions of those around you and hear unvoiced questions.

Focus – Daily question is where am I headed, often evaluating yourself.

*Futuristic – You love to peer over the horizon, the future fascinates you.

Harmony- You look for areas of agreement with others.

Ideation- You are fascinated by ideas and love to dig for the deeper meaning

Includer – You want to expand the group so no one is ever left out.

Individualization- You’re intrigued by the unique qualities of others.

Input – You collect, words, facts etc, you are inquisitive and often interested

Intellection – You love mental activity, problem solver.

Learner – You love the steady and deliberate journey of always learning.

Maximizer  – You take pride in improving something from average to excellent.

*Positivity – Generous with praise, quick to smile and always on the lookout for the positive in the situation.

Relator – You enjoy being around close friends and being in relationships.

Responsibility- You take ownership of things big or small, you feel bound to follow it through to completion.

Restorative – Problem solver, you enjoy analyzing symptoms and finding a solution to it.

Self-Assurance – You have faith in your strengths, self confident.

Significance – You want to be heard and may have  a need to be admired.

Strategic – You sort through clutter, clear thinking. You discard the useless path and evaluate potential obstacles.

*Woo – Winning Others Over, love to meet new people and engaging strangers in conversation.You are drawn to them and want to learn more about them. But then it’s time to move onto other strangers to talk.

3 Responses to "What are your strengths?"

  • Jeri says:

    Hey Suzanne… Great stuff here. Just printed it off and plan to use it with my staff TODAY in a staff meeting. Will be looking to buy the book.


  • Ideation, indivualizism, connectedness, responsibility and learner.

    I most certainly have some Intellection and achiever tossed in there. But those up there are according to the test.

    Dakota Wesleyan University uses this rather strongly as an idea that it makes a person more successful. I have more opinions about it I could share but I’m running late for school as it is, so maybe I’ll stop by later.

  • Lois says:

    I am a certified Strengths Finder Coach. I provide one-on-one, couples, staff and team coaching to help people better understand their strengths and how they help them be who God created them to be and do what God created them to do.

    I’d love to serve as a resource person and life coach for anyone who wants to grow in their self-discovery process!

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