I bought a book for a friend yesterday. Actually I’ve never met the person but you know my motto. There are no strangers, only friends we haven’t met yet! Anywho … heard about this friend of a friend who’s going through some struggles right now. I’m not sure where this person stands in her faith, but as I walked into Crossroads, I prayed God would lead me to the right book and then later help me write the note He would have me write to her.

That leads me to today’s challenge we issued on the morning show. We asked that you begin to pray about a person and book that God would have you pass on. Maybe it’s a person you know or maybe it’s someone He will reveal to you. Maybe it’s a book you purchase or a book you’ve had stashed away for a while that’s now covered in an inch of dust.  Well, blow off that dust and take the challenge and be sure to tell us your story whether you’re on the giving or maybe receiving end!

2 Responses to "Challenge issued – Pass that book on!"

  • Crissy says:

    I love this challenge because I love giving books! About every three months I look around my house and find books that I’ve read but probably won’t read again, pile them in a box and take them somewhere to let others pick from, such as a church, work, community center. The last time I took a box to work I thought surely not all the books would go. Believe it or not, they all went. I just write “Free” on the box (who’s going to pass that up, right?), pray before taking it in, and know that God will deliver them to the hands they belong in.
    Again, love this challenge, too many times we look at books and think about how much we paid for them, but what good are they just sitting around our house? 🙂

  • Marcia says:

    This was a tremendous challenge. My sister died from cancer 1 year ago today. She had submitted many entries on her caring bridge site. After her death, my uncle helped her family to have the submissions put into book form. I took the book to work and showed it to many of my co-workers. One of the ladies was really interested in purchasing the book since her husband is dealing with cancer at the present moment. She wanted to purchase the book, but since funds were tight, she felt she could not buy it at this time. I asked her if she would accept the book as a gift. She accepted with tears in her eyes. I felt this was a good opportunity to reach out to her in her struggles with accepting the disease and the struggles her husband was dealing with at this time.

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