This year I decided I’m going to get healthy, so I’ve made some big changes in how I eat. My husband on the other hand is 100% supportive of my changes, but really doesn’t want much to do with them personally.

But recently it’s become a lot harder for me to cook the unhealthy meals for Jim that he loves like pizza’s, hotdogs and burgers.  I love him and want him to be healthy and stick around a long time too and I feel like I’m helping him to continue to not eat like he should be! I don’t want to pressure him to change his eating but I could use your suggestions of how I can get him to hold my hand and come along with me on this new healthy journey I’m on.

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  • Kathy says:

    Just a thought to your conversation today about your husband not wanting to eat same as you… healthy:
    1st: prior to your eating healthy this year, could anyone have talked you into eating healthy. You had to make that decision for yourself. Allow him the dignity to see you making changes, then eventually he will probably join you.

    Use the serenity prayer in this fashion:
    God grant me the serenity
    to accept the people I cannot change
    change the people I can,
    and the wisdom to know that is me.

    really do know, my husband and I … our relationship was focused around eating home, going out, we did not have any vices except for that. All I know is since he passed away I realized how much focus there was on that part of our lives and I too have changed some patterns of my eating since the new year and began exercising. I wish I would have chose to say no to some of the food and just enjoyed the company. Thanks for the subject.
    hugs, Kathy

  • Joy says:

    One thought I had was to let hubby choose meals so many times a week for himself; then have him eat your healthy meals the other ones. Like every other day or whatever you come to terms w/. My hubby and I are doing healthy choices together, so that makes it much easier. But he’s at his goal, and I’m not; so I sometimes I have to sneek in something that I probably wouldn’t eat all the time…like heavier on the carbs; but healthy ones.


  • Rob says:

    Slowly, but surely! Everything in moderation. Be strong and have him take baby steps. Maybe start with letting him have his pizzas, hot dogs, and such, but try smaller portions. With faith in God, ALL things are possible…… and you could always have him watch “Supersize Me”. I still have a tough time eating some of that stuff after watching that show!
    God Bless!

  • KimAnn says:

    oh Suzanne, I will pray for you and your husband. I know how hard this is. We have had this battle for the fifteen years we have been married. God is still teaching me to keep my mouth shut and let him work on my husband. Oh so hard when you want to throw the skillet at him. I am sure it has gotten ugly in your home. It has gotten ugly in our home. I am reminded that my husband is not my enemy, my own gluttony and laziness is. Please know that I am committed to pray for you both over this next year.

  • Crissy says:

    Try throwing healthy into something that’s not so healthy. For example, buy your pizza crust ready-made, you can get whole wheat. Or order it on a wheat crust, there’s a few chains out there that offer it but don’t advertise it. Cook all beef hotdogs, use whole grain pasta, try new dishes with things like brown rice instead of white, for example. Buffalo meat costs a little more but is leaner and healthier than hamburger.
    If he’s against all of this then just continue to pray. God knows 🙂

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