We asked today how do we set goals for us based on our values?  How can we best reach our God given gifts to glorify Him and be the best we can be? One Life 96.5 friend suggested the “SMART” approach.

S – Specific, set specifically what you want to achieve, what is your final goal?

M – Measure, set realistic short and long term goals

A – Actions, do something to take steps to get closer to your goal

R – Reasonable, be realistic

T – Time, set a time line to do each thing

What do you suggest for goal setting? We want to know!

One Response to "How do you set goals?"

  • Rob says:

    When I used to teach the health unit to my students in science class, I would teach about “emotional” health, and we spoke about setting goals. It was amazing to see these youngsters take steps to reaching and achieving what they had set out to do! I always told them to 1. Make them attainable. 2. Set mini-goals, and reward yourself every time you would reach those small goals on your way to the large goal. 3. You might have setbacks, but don’t let that stop you! As Walt Disney said, “Keep moving forward.” 4. Never, ever, quit!

    How does one stay strong? Just remember……when you have trust and faith in God, it is easy to be strong!

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