This morning Dave and I talked about how you always hear people say right before you die your life flashes right before your eyes. What if you knew that was a video of all your “low lights”, would you live any different today?

2 Responses to "Low Lights video at the end of life?"

  • Ramona says:

    I lost someone I loved very dearly (it will be a month tomorrow) he was only 20 years old but that young man lived life to the fullest. At his home-going celebration…pictures flashed across the screen off all that he did or was doing…the places he traveled, the people that he loved…and all I could think was, I am 45 and that young man has … See Moreseen more and done more in his short life than I have in my 45 years. Since his home-going (Thank you Jesus) I have been trying to make each day count. Some are good days…either way, yes, I would still watch the low lights also because it all lead me to Father God.

  • Amanda says:

    Nope, not at all. By the Grace of God, Ww lowlights helped shape me into the person I have become, and I am really happy with that person. I think that God is too. 🙂

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