My sister Colleen gave me one of the most special gifts I’ve ever been given while I was out visiting in NJ. She gave me a “priority bracelet” which is filled with charms of all the things that are important in my life. I can hardly look at it without tearing up.

Here are the special charms she felt best represented my life and priorities:

* piano (played for years) *breast cancer ribbon (in honor of our family members that have been diagnosed) *sailboat (sailed as a youngster) *radio microphone *two wedding rings * sisters * my birthstone *camera (we have a side sports photography business)*John 3:16 *present (to remember to always live in the present)*baseball mom *state of NJ *state of SD *charm that says “peace”.

What would be the charms on your bracelet?

By the way, you can get info about the bracelets at

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