This morning Dave and I were talking about how I don’t cook, can’t cook, don’t like to cook, whatever. I feel intimidated by people who do cook. My husband is perfectly happy with crock pot meals and pre-made entrees but every couple months I get a case of the “woman guilts”. One Life 96.5 friend e-mailed this to me for encouragement. Do you have any encouragement you can share too? – Suzanne Lynn

Hi Suzanne!

I heard you on the radio this morning while taking my husband to work – I always love listening to you guys in the morning 🙂 Anyways – this morning you were talking about cooking and how you felt. I can say that there are SOOO many who feel the same way as you!

God has blessed me with an amazing outreach and I think it would be a perfect solution for you, if you’re interested. I hold what’s called “freezer cooking” every once in a while. Basically you sign up, do 1 prep item and then come on the day of freezer cooking. You get to cook with a bunch of ladies (I pair you up) and you go home with 10 meals! Typically it costs about $10 a meal…. all I do is go grocery shopping and divide up the receipts between how many people come 🙂 Anyways – feel free to check out my site:

I always get so many moms who love this because most of the time picky eaters will eat the meal, most of them are healthy, it’s cheaper than eating out and typically 8 out of 10 can be put in the crockpot in the morning and forgotten about until dinner time!

Just know you’re not alone and this could be the perfect solution for you! 🙂


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