Lauren and Suz have been talking about the importance of having that one special “best girlfriend”.  But what exactly seperates regular friends from that one best friend?  Tell us what you think!

Here’s Suz’s  best girlfriend, Bren.

Chessa : My “best friend” can read me. When I’m having just one of those days they know and react without me having to ask. I have friends who I can turn to when I need someone to talk to, but that one special friend doesn’t need me to even say anything they just know.

Mary : I have lots of good friends, and we chat, but we don’t get in depth like I do with my best friend. With other friends phone calls are short and direct…but last night I talked to my best friend for almost 2 hours! Even when our beliefs are different, I can tell her anything and there’s no judgement, just sister-like love. 🙂

Carla :  Best Friends know when you are in the “desert”. They don’t condemn you, they don’t criticize you, they don’t offer all kinds of solutions to ‘make it better’. They pray for you and just spend time with you. Sometimes laughing, sometimes crying and sometimes, just being silent.

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