It’s true! I saw Him myself at our first (and last) family yardsale we had Saturday! And I have a sneaking suspicion that He’ll be making His rounds to lots of other sales too.

Jim and I feel lead to sell our home so we’ve been cleaning out like crazy and decided to have our first yardsale. Even though we were shivering under electric blankets and sitting next to space heaters and I caught a cold, it was all worth having!

I discovered that we had close to a dozen older bibles and TONS of Christian reading books so we put them in a FREE box and let the Holy Spirit move. It was about the coolest thing I could describe to you!

 What opportunities to share Christ. Some customers actually sat down and we talked about faith, where they have been and what’s going on in their lives today. What a blessing. I can’t even tell you how worth it it is to put those books in a FREE box and let the fun begin! – Suz

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