Joe and Matt 2009

What happened to those little boys

I only blinked one time

Guess I knew it was gonna happen

Growing up, its is not a crime

But before I blinked I saw you boys

Your age is five and three

You can’t be playing college ball

I mean you’re still hitting off a tee!

And theres no way that you are dating

We were just going to the park

Do your girlfriends understand

You need to be home before dark?!?

And now I hear you talking

Someday you’ll get engaged

The next thing you will tell me is

Your room’s been painted beige!

What happened to those little boys

Well, they’ve grown to be great men

And soon my sons you’ll understand

When that cycle starts again.

Love you Joe and Matt. So very very proud of you both!


Kels and Joe


Matt playing college ball


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