I love you Son, and I’m praying for you.

                                     -John Clutter


Words delivered me by my dad every time we parted ways.

Though dad is home in Heaven, his words and who he was, remain very real and present to me.  When my dad left, it became clear immediately clear that I never truly conveyed to him what he meant to me.  In fact his, and my mom’s prayers for me, resulted in great gain for me after they were gone.  I found salvation in Jesus once and for all on 9/23/06.

As we celebrate Father’s Day, I can’t help but reflect on my dad’s constant stand for Jesus.   I never saw him lose his composure, aside from tearing up when he talked about his Savior.  In all circumstances, he turned to Christ for guidance and wisdom, and encouraged us, his family, to do the same.  He never bragged about his faith, but given the opportunity, he’d tell someone about Jesus, (even the cashier at the checkout).  He would always slip a tract to the person with Jesus’ salvation message.  When I was a kid, that behavior embarrassed me, but now it’s stands as one of my most precious memories.

These many years later, I, like my dad, find myself welling up when I consider all that Christ has done for me.  Some of my tears are also a reflection, especially on Father’s Day, of how blessed I was to grow up in a home with Christian parents.

Dad, through his actions, taught me the love of a God that would sacrifice his son for me, (1 John 4:10).  Dad lived knowing that no matter how life and people change, Jesus is the same yesterday, today & forever, (Hebrews 13:8).  Dad lived in the knowledge that he could do all things in Christ who gave him strength, (Philippians 4:13).  Dad taught me to trust in the Lord with all my heart, acknowledge God in all I do, and allow Him to direct my path, (Proverbs 3:5-6).  Most of all Dad introduced me to Jesus, and through that, I found salvation that secures my heavenly home, (John 3:16).

I miss you more than I could ever convey, Dad.  But the memories and knowledge you left with me are new again with each day.  I get to see you again, and yours is the first face I’ll look for after my meeting my savior Jesus face-to-face.

Happy Father’s Day, I love you…

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