The best place to find bargains is, that’s right….garage sales!  When you are a mother of 3 little girls, you really don’t have much money to spend on things…it adds up!  So, my daughters and I would hit up the garage sales all over town.  We would play “store”!  It was a great way to teach them math and to interact with other people!  Plus, where else could you get a bag full of toys for $.50!

I thought I would try to be frugal and make dollars stretch by searching for items like car seats, a crib, and DVD’s.  You know how you become wiser the older you get (hopefully anyway)…how many years later is it now and I’m just now learning those items may not have been the best to get at a garage sale!

So, as you head out and about searching for that “buried treasure”, here’s some tips on what you might want to pass up or do a little research on before you head out to the sales…

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