“Honey, where’s the honey?” I asked my husband sweetly. Well actually, I just asked.

We’ve been buying our honey locally for the past couple of years, from neighbors who have their own honey business and a set of bees on their acreage (is it called a set? or a hive?). We can buy it raw or processed, and it tastes wonderful either way!

I’ve recently learned that North Dakota and South Dakota are the nation’s top two honey producing states. But production is expected to be down this year, because of cool temperatures during the peak months of summer, according to a report online.

Honey is good! It makes everything taste more pleasant, from hot tea to dressings to toast! It’s also known to soothe coughs, and help ease allergy symptoms.

And just as sweetness can improve the taste of food and help us feel better when we’re under the weather, sweetness added to our words, facial expressions and gestures can improve our conversations and relationships, and can even help us soothe a tired child or soften an angry partner or co-worker. Ecclesiastes 10:12 says “The words of a wise man’s mouth win him favor.”

Ohhh, I like that.

Better yet, we can fill our own lives with sweetness from God’s word, even if the environment around us is a bit sour! From Psalm 119:103 we read, “How sweet are thy words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” Delicious!

What words from the Bible and your favorite songs add “honey” to your life?





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