Life is a journey…or so that’s what we always hear. So here’s my question for you, have you ever felt that you have no idea where your road is taking you? One would think if they were traveling on a road, they’d know exactly the destination. I suppose in all fairness, I know my ultimate destination is eternity with Jesus, but I’m talking about my journey through this world. This isn’t all about me and what I’m going through, I’m more wondering if you have experienced the same thing along your journey. What I’m talking about it that feeling of being on the road to nowhere. Kids are starting school, and so everywhere I go, people are always asking my kids the obligatory “what was your summer like?”. That question got me wondering what my summer was like, only to realize I didn’t have an answer…I don’t know how my summer was. I didn’t even know that there was a summer! How sad is that, that I just went through the best season of the year (though actually I’m partial to fall) and I have nothing to show for it. I don’t even have any memories or recollections of these past few month.

Why am I bringing this up? Exactly. I don’t know. I just find it odd, and quite frustrating, that life is going by at such a blur and I am not even paying attention. At this rate, I’ll snap out of my daze when I hear my son Nick say “Hey dad, can I borrow the car?”. Considering Nick is only 7, that seems like an awful lot of time to travel down a path with no destination. It’s funny that I’m struggling finding a way to conclude this blog, because that defines where I’m at right now in life. If anything, maybe I’m seeking help in how you got through that time in your life. What snapped you out of it? Feel free to share below, I (and maybe others) could certainly use a fresh perspective!

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  • Cody says:

    I have had this feeling many times and still have no real solution. Thats because I’ve found that whatever solution to this problem I could come up with could never equal that of the power of God in our lives. I have to the conclusion that God has given us everything we need in our lives for this current moment in time and he will give us what we need for the future as well. Its about faith and the understanding that God is in control not us. But if you feel like you’re life is flying by and you’re just not enjoying it sometimes the best thing to do is to just stop and spend some time with God in prayer and in scripture. Taking a break from this life to be apart of Gods life for a moment in time is very refreshing.

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