There is no one like a sister. Whether she’s your sister by birth, by marriage, or by your own free will to choose, you know she “gets” you like no one else, quirks and all. And she loves you anyway.

I have 2 biological sisters, and both live about a 4 ½ hour drive away. One of us feels naked without her lipstick, another dives at peanut butter M & M’s. Still another needs to be avoided ‘til she’s had her morning coffee (not telling!). Both of my sisters have husbands, kids, and the blessing of Mom/Grandma living nearby.

And our Mom also has two sisters, one in heaven, and one in assisted living, whom she visits often. So Mom, after visiting our Aunt, often shares her experiences with us.

For all the delicious food she has served for her own family and grandkids for holidays, picnics, wedding and bridal showers, and entertaining her husband’s business associates, my Aunt has for years kept a tight rein on her own diet and has practiced habits that allowed her to remain fit and extremely thin.

So it was with great amusement, my sister sent me the following message:

So Mom was with Aunt Velma at the nursing home, having dinner.  After dinner Velma splurged on a cup of decaf, and was searching the table for sweetener.  Mom handed her a regular packet of sugar and Velma responded, “No, I need the blue one.”  When Mom figured out that she wanted a packet of Equal, she asked why Velma wouldn’t just use sugar. Her response? Our dear 90 year old, 98 pound Aunt said she wanted the one with no calories…

We giggle, knowing this is so in character for our Aunt. And really, sister, do we ever get too old or too thin to count calories?

God has made us all unique, individual, one-of-a-kind, with all our quirks and idiosyncrasies. I think maybe He chuckles at us once in a while, knowing us so well, and finding the humor in our lives as He looks at the big picture. He totally “gets” us, and He loves us anyway!

What are your unique qualities or quirks that God might use as you try to reach others with His message of love and hope?

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