A new study published by Live Science and reported in the Atlanta Journal reveals that men, when walking beside their wife or girlfriend, will slow down their pace to match that of the woman. Interestingly, they don’t slow down when walking with female or male friends, just alongside those with whom they have a romantic interest. And it didn’t matter whether or not they were holding hands!

It’s cool to think that yet another aspect of our marriage and love relationships here on this earth reflects that intimate and love relationship we also have with God. Whether we are new in our relationship or have been walking with him for years, He meets us where we are at. We don’t have to hurry to catch up when we begin our relationship with him, and yet he matches our spiritual stride even after years of being together. Never ahead, never behind—our Lord wants to walk side by side with us.

How is your day changed knowing God is walking by your side?

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