Did you start 2014 with a resolution to read your bible everyday?  Or at least read it “more”?

How’s that goin’ for ya?

I don’t say that to criticize or make you feel bad.

In fact, I hope I can encourage you!

My daughter Olivia pointed to the book on the kitchen table – “Gosh Mom it’s taking you a long time to read that book, it’s been there forever.”

I looked over half-expecting to see a book sitting there but it was only my bible.

I responded with – “That’s my bible silly girl.”

Now granted it doesn’t look like a typical bible so I think that’s why she didn’t recognize it. But it’s one of my favorite translations.

It’s “The Message” version one year bible, and yes it’s taken me much longer than 1 year to get through the entire bible.

In fact, the first time I read through the entire bible it took me 3 years. How do I know?

Each time I read, I put the date on the page along with any notes, questions or thoughts I have about that day’s reading:

Mark the date each time you read to chronicle your journey.

So…..the first time I determined to read through the bible in 1 year ~ it actually took me 3 to get from Genesis to Revelation. Feel better?

Now, doesn’t this encourage you to keep reading?

Don’t worry if it’s been a month since the last time you picked up the bible to read a few pages.
The important thing isn’t how fast you go…it’s that you just keep going!

And here are a few discoveries I’ve made along the way:

  • The bible – GOD’S WORD – is powerful. It’s your weapon against the enemy. The enemy doesn’t want you to have any weapons. Think of the bible as your ammo closet. The devil is hoping you never go near it.
  • Reading God’s word changes you from the inside out. Not instantly. Not overnight. But if you read on a somewhat consistent basis be prepared for life change.
  • The bible is one way that God speaks to you.
  • The more you read….the more you will WANT to read.
  • You’ll begin to notice a difference on the days that you don’t read.

I could go on and on and probably will in future posts but for now one last idea to share. The reason Olivia pointed to the bible on the kitchen table is because that’s where I leave it.

Out in the open. Easily accessible. A visual reminder.

Hey, you’d be amazed how much life change happens while the spaghetti is boiling.

Till the next time,


2 Responses to "Read the 1 year bible in 3 years!"

  • sharon says:

    thank you for the encouragement. i am a christian but seem to be too tired, too busy or whatever to read my bible. your words were an encouragement that even though its been a long time since i read the Word, it’s not too late to start again. thank you.

  • Nate says:

    I love this! so encouraging thank you! i’ve been doing alot better at reading this year. i’m 22 and Gods been teaching me alot lately and reading the bible and actually thinking about it and taking notes had made such a difference! i plan to read every day but then get distracted and put it off but its good to know not to feel terrible about it. just keep consistant and continue on! also will start using the idea of putting it out in the open. Thank God for this article 😀

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