“You have a lot of birthday bags in your office.”  These were the words I heard today from 10 yr old Alexa as she walked past my office on the way to her visit with her mom and brothers.

The great part of that statement is that she was absolutely right!  I DO have a lot of birthday bags in my office at the moment!  And the best part of it is that I don’t even have all of the “Birthday in Bag” gifts in my office, the rest are already bringing smiles to children each day!

What an amazing blessing “Birthday in a Bag” has been for the Family Visitation Center!  Even more importantly, what a blessing May’s Hands and Feet Opportunity has been for the 17 children who have already celebrated a birthday at FVC with the “Birthday in a Bag”!

While the contents of the bags have overflowed with party supplies, toys, and delicious treats, the true gift is in the memory Life 96.5 listeners have given to children and families.  The memory of a birthday that will last throughout their childhood!

Thank you Life 96.5 and thank you Life 96.5 Listeners!  We are honored by your generosity.

God Bless,


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