During the month of June, YOU volunteered your time for a few hours during our Lovely Day event this past Saturday! So many ladies were loved on, encouraged, built-up, and prayed within these three hours. We were able to see an instant transformation right before our eyes as cosmetologists cut and styled hair, applied makeup, and painted nails of women who are striving to better themselves and just needed a simple boost of confidence by other women!


Thank you for the many items of professional business attire that you donated! That clothing will be given to the women that walk through the doors of Dress For Success when they have a job interview!

Mary (Office Coordinator with Dress For Success):

 I saw God’s work all over the place on Saturday, It was great seeing the generosity and partnership of people in the community. Sisters caring for sisters, everyone being equal that is what life is about to me. Our Sioux Falls volunteers are second to none, giving of their time and talent was super. I thank God for bring you two into my life. I could not have had a better group of awesome Lovely Ladies to work with. Thank you!

Carrie Sustad (Director of Operations of The SF Ministry Center)

The Lovely Day event was a morning of encouraging women in our community. Many arrived looking unsure and perhaps feeling unworthy. As our lovely women progressed through the different beautification stations, I could visibly see their demeanor’s change – smiling, looking relaxed, sharing their life stories and just standing tall and confident.

I personally had the honor of praying over three women. I’m so thankful for their willingness to be prayed over and be equipped by God for the life challenges that they were facing as they returned home.

I saw how we gave our 17 guests a sense of God’s love and affirmation as we loved them as sisters in Christ through the gifts and talents of our volunteers. We couldn’t have done this event without the gifts and talents of the 20 plus volunteers. Thank you! With God’s love, we were able to touch lives of 17 lovely ladies.

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  • Michele Wiggs says:

    Great work ladies!
    Would love to know where the stylists were from so can patronize them.
    Thanks for the great lift you gave on Saturday. What a blessing to live in such a caring community!

    1. lbanik says:

      Hi Michele! Most of the stylists didn’t work at a specific place, they just kept their license up for a time such as this!! A couple of others work at a salon…LeAnn at Styles Unlimited in Sibley, IA and April at April’s Hair Design in Dell Rapids! Thanks so much for asking and wanting to bless them back!! ~ Lauren

  • Rabecca Hoelscher says:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story!

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