OH MY GOSH!!!  My e-mail has been smoking!!  The packing for Wednesday the 11 is FULL and the Monday the 16th packing is also FULL!!!  The packing for the 2nd of December already has 2 volunteers!  YOU have AMAZING listeners!!!  I have faith that the boxes will soon be overflowing with donations!!!!!  THANK YOU for giving us this opportunity to work with you and your wonderful listeners!!!

Dear Life 96.5 Volunteers:

Thank you for volunteering to pack meals for Lunch is Served, Inc. Because of you, 50 adults and 17 children packed 796 meals during the 3 scheduled meal packings and SEVERAL other listeners have volunteered to come to future packings!  Our website has also had $600.00 in donations on the “donate now” button – this large amount MUST be due to your advertising our need!!  We also donated 87 pounds of canned food items that we were not able to use in our sack lunches to the Food Pantry!

Students from Southeastern Directions for Life and I drove around to each food drop-off site this morning at 9am and collected food.  We counted EVERY item:  1,068 spoons, 890 dinner napkins, 692 breakfast bars, 548 salty snacks, 541 fruit/jello cups, 300 dessert/puddings for a GRAND TOTAL of 4,539 items!!!!!!!

Lauren – THIS HAS BEEN SO MUCH FUN!!!  I feel that the words “Thank you” are not enough – Lunch is Served was truly blessed the day that you called asking to use us as your Hands and Feet of Jesus project – what a gift you have given to us!  We are deeply grateful and would be thrilled to do it again!!!

The words ‘THANK YOU’ do not begin to express our gratitude for what you have done for Lunch is Served – this experience has truly been a blessing!!!

Terry Peters
Executive Director
Lunch Is Served, Inc

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