Well my 2 friends and I  had signed up to wash feet. I was not too happy to have to get up so early on a Saturday and to be honest I really didn’t want to help, I was just doing it because my friends wanted to serve together. When the person in charge got up Saturday morning and was giving instructions (my friends were not there yet, late as usual) she shared that we might come up against opposition from the devil. I chuckled to myself thinking does the devil really care about prom dresses????? When my friend got there at 8:30 the first thing out of her mouth was “I REALLY THINK THE DEVIL WAS TRYING TO KEEP ME FROM GETTING HERE TODAY” everything had got wrong that night/morning. My other friend was not able to make it because her baby got sick and had to go to acute care. Then I started thinking that Friday night my husband got horribly sick very quickly and I was thinking to myself that I could use that as an excuse not to help on Saturday, but he was better by morning, so I showed up, not really knowing what to expect. The devil did try to keep all three of us from helping.  I washed the first girls feet and just made small talk. I am an introvert by nature. The second and third girls I talked with and prayed with, they both had church homes. I only was able to help until noon. After talking for a while I asked the last girl whose feet I washed if she had a church home. She said no and that she believe in a God or that there is a God but that you don’t have to worship him or pray. That all you need is a belief that there is a God. So I very gently told her that even the devil believe that there is a God and that just believing that is not enough. I explained to her that there is more to it and it takes a relationship. I told because of my relationship with God I do things like volunteering to be the hands and feet of Christ. We had a good little talk and then she let me pray with her. After we were done and I was getting ready to leave I was sharing what I had told this girl and the person I was telling gave me this strange look and her eyes got wide. So I started thinking to myself all that night and the next morning that I had said the wrong thing and should have just kept my mouth shut. In church Sunday morning the pastor said the exact same thing I did (well sort of) that there is more to faith/salvation than believing a God exist. That we need a relationship. We need a life that shows. I sat in church crying because that was just what I needed to hear to assure me I did not totally screw up this young girl. I serve an amazing God!

So, my friend and I will be back again next year if you will have us.



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