I heard about your “Hands and Feet” opportunity to help serve meals with the “Night Watch” program through the Salvation Army and it intrigued me.  So this last weekend my girlfriend and I signed up and we helped serve over 200 people in the Sioux Falls area.  Between high school and college I’ve worked a good 5-6 years in the restaurant industry and in that time I have never seen people so appreciative of receiving a meal than I did on Saturday night.  It was such an experience and wonderful to see how grateful they were to receive a meal.  We only had enough brownies so everyone could get one but they could not get another if they got seconds and not ONE person complained; not one person put up a fuss.  Imagine the reaction you get trying to tell someone at Perkins they’re only allowed one piece of cake or you ran out of their “favorite” piece of pie 🙂 Anyway I just wanted to share how great of experience it was and I’m hoping to try to get back and help again in the near future.



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