Some of the best conversations happen at the dinner table, don’t you think? Sometimes, your kids have the most profound things to say even though they don’t know it!

Last night at dinner, I asked my girls how their school day went. Rianna, my middle daughter, chimed in after a few minutes saying “I had an almost great day”!

To which I quickly replied “so, what made it an almost “great” day?”

“My teachers were all nice and in a good mood” she said.

We continued on with that conversation through dinner, but shortly after it got me thinking. Do we ever think or realize how our mood affects another’s day? If we are in a sour mood or have a bad attitude, I can totally see how that could rub off onto someone else. Or vice versa…when we smile at someone or share a compliment, that could totally turn around another’s day and make it “great”!

I asked myself the question, what is it that makes you have a great day? Is it when it seems like everyone is smiling back at me and being polite? Is it when my kids are super helpful and compliant? What about starting the day off with God and being able to quietly be in His Word and connect with Him? Maybe it’s a friend sending me a text letting me know that they are praying for me?

I’m gonna keep thinking on that one, but how about you…What makes you have a “great” day?

In case you were wondering, her having no homework would have made it a “great” day!

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