Were you like me saying for the longest time that “my child does NOT need a phone”?  One reason being I wanted them to learn to interact in the real world.  Second, I didn’t want them to have that much power in their little hands.

Technology is all around us and it was only a matter of time before they’d have their own phone.  As they get older, they have more practices after school, get a job, start driving on their own and so you want them to be able to get a hold of you when needed (which only seems to be about borrowing money).

Some apps are great and helpful, others not so much.  Some are being used to cyber bully and some are scary, because they let you remain anonymous so your child has no idea who “they” really are talking to.

I haven’t checked my daughter’s phone in awhile to see what apps are on there, so this is a great reminder for all of us!  I wanted to pass this information on to you so we could be educated together on these apps.

Here are just a few apps that are some of the worst for kids:

Worst Apps for Kids


  • Kids can send basic messages like texting, but also photos and files
  • Anyone can try to connect with your child
  • Kids can send private messages that can be easily deleted
  • Possible exposure to inappropriate images
  • Commonly used for sexting

Worst Apps for Kids


  • Kids can send photos that once opened disappear after 10 seconds
  • Let’s say the recipient takes a screen shot of the picture, now it’s a permanent image that can be shared
  • Commonly used for sexting

Worst Apps for Kids


  • This is the tag line: “Express Yourself – Share Secrets – Meet New People.” Yeah, already don’t like it!
  • It’s a social meet-up app that’s anonymous, but location can be provided within a one mile radius
  • You can share pics as well
  • Used for cyber bullying and sexually oriented interaction

Check out more of the worst apps for kids. Another great website that rates and reviews apps is Common Sense Media


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