I really don’t like to shop. So when I need stuff, I try to buy things to last a while. But anymore, it’s a real challenge to find those good ol’ built to last workhorses. I recently had to replace a hose sprayer, doorknobs, and my stove.

Years ago I received the most wonderful gift from my mom. On one of my visits, she hauled a big box up from the basement and said she wanted me to have the contents. It had come from her mother, my grandma, and she remembered it being part of life as she was growing up. It brought a lot of love and joy to the family.

What was in the box? You may be surprised…grandma’s stainless steel cookware.

After years of throwing away non-stick cookware when the coating wears off and then having to shop for new pans,  I’ve been learning the way of cooking with a set that may involve a little more care, but it’s so well made I may have to consider passing it on to my own daughter someday for her kitchen.

When we shop, we are accustomed to buying things that wear out in a few years, or sooner. It hasn’t always been that way. In the past, items were made to last, and they did, often for a lifetime. People didn’t use “disposable” items like they do now. My church recently had to put a huge set of dishes into storage because no one wants to use the dishwasher after an event when you can just toss the “dishes” in the garbage. Even at home, I now have my mother-in-law’s china dishes, which are in mint condition, but are not something I want to store and bring out for every Sunday dinner and holiday (and then hand wash!).

The truth is, we live differently now and our possessions reflect that.

But, wait. There still are some long lasting items you can get If you are willing to spend a little more up-front and they can last a lifetime, or at least for many, many  years.

Here’s a great article I found at msn.com:  9 consumer goods that will last for life. If you’re interested in investing a little more money now, you can save both time and replacement cost later on.

And maybe, one day, you’ll have something to pass on to your own son or daughter. Just like grandma.

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