I’ve heard it said that you can learn more as a teacher than you can as a student.

I wish that it was a thought like that that led me to pass on my leading of our family devotions last week, but it wasn’t.

The truth was… I just felt crummy.

We try to spend time each night reading the Bible with our kids. OK… maybe I am being a bit generous saying it is every night. We ASPIRE to read the Bible every night. We tend to ACTUALLY get it in a few times a week. I’m working on that.

Last week, the timing was right. The kids were in their jammies early, and we just had a natural pause in our evening. But I was losing my voice and my wife was away. So I gave the family Bible to our 12 year old and asked her to read the reading for the night*.

She did so, and then followed my lead by asking a few questions about the reading. It was really neat to hear the reading from her perspective. The way she asked questions after the reading was a really neat insight into how she really processed what she read.

As a dad, I view my daughters’ spiritual growth as one of my primary responsibilities. But perhaps that doesn’t always mean I need to do all the talking. I think I may be letting them take turns leading the discussion in the future.

*By the way… we use  in our home. It provides a number of really great reading plans, complete with discussion questions. It’s really helped.

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