What happens after I end this sentence?  Would you put one space after that question mark or would you follow it up with two?

Today during the morning show, I had no idea how big of a debate this was until I threw it out there.  See, I grew up not knowing there was any other way than to double space after your end punctuation.  Then, I read this article about being over 40 (which I’m not) and to stop using two spaces.  What??  When?? How did this happen!

In this article, she was saying that if you are over 40, then you probably learned on a typewriter.  Basically, typewriters gave each letter the same amount of space, so after you ended the sentence, you were taught to double space to show a separation between the sentences.

Now with computers, some automatically set your space for you.  Some say that because the typesetting for a computer is proportional, we only need to use one space after the end punctuation.

Either way, it seems to be an ongoing debate.  As for me, I think I will always double space after the end punctuation just because it is so ingrained in me…I feel like my teacher is going to send my typing test back to me with a bunch of  red circles if I don’t!!

What about you…are you still using the “old” ways because they are the “best” ways?  Do you wanna see where you fit in with everyone else?  Here’s the ongoing discussion happening on our FB

And yes, I double spaced all throughout this blog in case you were wondering 🙂



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