Just want to thank you and all the ladies who worked so hard and prayed so much for the success of this weekend. Seeing the smiles on the girls faces through out the event just made my heart so happy, but at the same time listening to some of the girls stories and heartbreak was tearing my own heart down! I just feel so much for these girls that their blessings became my blessings and their heartache became mine as well.

On the way home I was thinking about the opportunity I just had as a volunteer and if I utilized it wisely. I came to the conclusion that as a volunteer in any situation we get out of the event what we put into the event. If we show up to put our time in and just help out, then that is all that we are going to take home with us is that we worked at the event and helped out, which is great! In my case though, I was blessed more than I could have ever imagined this weekend by OPD. I came into the weekend not knowing much about OPD, but I did know I wanted to help in anyway possible and I wanted to be intentional about loving on these girls as Christ so intentionally shows us his love. Getting to know these girls and spend time with them has been another stepping stone helping me grow in my own faith. The more I serve, the more I learn and grow!

Thanks for letting me have the opportunity to build relationships, love on these girls, spread God’s word, and ultimately grow in my faith! God is so good all the time! I hope you know how many people are blessed through the OPD ministry!

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